Corrugate machine with In-line laminating machine

Corrugate machine with In-line laminating machine

Technical Data

Remark High Speed Corrugated Production line
Maximum Mechanical Speed  300m/min
Effective width of cardboard 1600mm – 2500 mm   1 ply, 2 ply, 3 ply, 5 ply, 7 ply
Performance features:
1. Special curved heating box has been applied for quick shaping cardboards, it can improve the intention and faltness of the cardoards (Patent)
2. The modular design has been applied into the production which is easy for maintenance; independent driving of servo motor which can synchronize accurately with Double Facer
3. Double Facer (Patent) has been made by whole piece iron-casting, the pressing plate has been presented in the form of airbag which can ensure the pressure at each part,  and each airbag pressing plate can be controled separately for up and down.
4. Special design for direct steam heating system (Patent)
5. Automatic loading system, reduces the operation requirements and improve the working efficiency (Patent)
6. Steam – saving system which can adjust the steam pressure of the Double Facer based on the change of orders and running speed.
7. Automatic glue – feeding control  which can adjust the quantity of glue based on the change of orders and running speed
8. Automatic wrap angle control for Preheater, this function can automatically control the wrap angle based on the order and running speed
9. Video monitoring system, the status of each part can be monitored based on the real time which can reduce the loss caused by stopping the corrugated line



Corrugator video presentation